The acceptance into the University of Queensland Veterinary School was a pivotal moment, defining the direction of my life ever since. Graduation occurred five years later, and in January 1993 I took my first veterinary job in Bowen, far north Queensland (FNQ to the locals up that way). I then traded the small country town lifestyle in continuous, relentless heat, for the big smoke, moving to Melbourne 2 years later. Thus I was able to enjoy the frosty, wet, changeable, unpredictable horror that is the exclusive right of the weather in that city.

After a short stint in dairy practise in Gippsland (in Traralgon near Moe and Sale) I spent 12 months at the combined specialist, general and emergency afterhours Bundoora Veterinary Clinic in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, then six months at the Malvern Veterinary Hospital across the hall from the specialist Animal Eye Clinic (near Toorak in Melbourne’s inner east). Despite the fantastic experience gained in Victoria, I felt it was time to see the sun again. I returned to Queensland to work briefly at the Park Ridge Animal Hospital before taking up a position at the Chermside Veterinary Hospital. (Did I mention that I really like sunshine)? I completed a Master of Veterinary Studies in 2000 through Murdoch University in Perth, WA, and after 6 years at Chermside decided that it was time to open my own clinic. On the 6th December 2001 the Warner Vet opened.

All that relative calm was replaced by the two small children that entered my life - my son and daughter. Who would have believed that such small beings could occupy so much space or emit such noise? They did, of course, immediately begin demonstrating clear signs of super-intelligence, and are incredibly advanced for their ages and speak 17 languages each, and are captains of all their sports teams, and are even captains of other people’s sports teams. OK, maybe I exaggerate; it's only 16 languages, though without accents. If they would just remove the age limits on awarding the Nobel Prize....

In my spare time I like to... I like to... I don’t remember.



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