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Waiting Area and Reception:

Your pets are greeted in our waiting and reception area. Our button-controlled door allows easy access and provides safety to your pets by avoiding any unnecessary door opening and closing. We also have inbuilt floor scales to make taking your pet’s weight easier. With your pet's weight, we are able to calculate doses of medications correctly and also keep an eye on any gains or losses that can occur over time. You can also view our range of pet care products which include tick and flea control, shampoos and conditioners, joint care products and our Advance canine and feline food range. You can ask our friendly staff to help you choose the preventives and products that best meet your pet’s needs.

Consult rooms: 

Your pet can spread out and relax in our fully equipped consult rooms. Each room is complete with an examination table and light to assist with the physical check-up. Each room also has its own set of small scales for the smaller pets and all rooms have chairs for your comfort.

Wet lab area: 

The wet lab area is made up of the following three components....


With the microscope, we can identify which pathogens are involved in different conditions. Depending on the issue; samples such as urine, faeces, skin and ear swabs can be magnified and seen under the microscope and this assists us to diagnose and treat a range of conditions.  Any abnormalities such as bacteria, yeast, parasites or even certain types of cancer can be diagnosed.

Haematology and Haemobiochemistry:

We can now test for a range of different conditions on site, which means FAST diagnosis and fast implementation of treatment. Your pets have a range of different blood and urine properties that can be analysed, and the results can identify disease as well as indicate how well your pet will respond to a general anaesthetic or treatments.

Pharmacy and Library:

The pharmacy is where our vets and nurses make up the specific medications to treat your pets, depending on their health concerns. We also have an extensive library to provide our staff with valuable resources for ongoing studies.

Surgical Theatre:

During surgery, your pet is closely monitored and cared for in our designated surgery room. Our trained nurses keep track of our patient’s anaesthetic status with modern monitoring systems during all procedures. These machines record heart rate, blood oxygen levels, CO2 output, blood pressure and temperature and can also provide an ECG trace. Sterility is our top priority, and surgical patients are prepared aseptically; our surgical kits sterilized with high pressure steam and our surgeons scrubbed, masked and gowned.


Your pets have access to a complete, modern digital X-ray system in our radiology ward. This allows for fast diagnosis for your pet's injury by delivering X-ray images at the click of a button. This enables a wide range of physical components of your pets to be assessed quickly, such as skeletal structures and various internal organs such as heart and lungs, gastrointestinal tract and abdomen. Full digital dental X-ray facilties mean we can do the same for your pets teeth as well to see if the tooth has to be extracted or needs endodontic (root canal) work.


Have you ever seen you pet’s heart in action? Or what their liver looks like? Or their unborn puppies? Now you can. We now provide a full cardiac and abdominal/soft tissue ultrasound service.

Ultrasound is useful for:

  • Pregnancy
  • Heart disease and failure
  • Liver and kidney disease
  • Gall bladder stones and biliary obstruction
  • Urinary bladder problems and stones
  • Vascular disease
  • Retinal detachment

Video Otoscope:

Your pets have ear canals that are much larger than our own, and with inflammation and infection it can be very diffcult to resolve otitis. The video otoscope allows us to see the ear canal while we remove the material that has built up allowing your pet to enjoy clean open ear canals which are much easiet to treat and much more comfortable for the poor cat or dog that owns those ears.

Dental Equipment:

At Warner Vet, we use the latest veterinary dental machine (just like what you would see at your dentist), complete with an ultrasonic scaler, drill and polisher, and suction if required. After the calculus and tartar is removed, a full fluoride polish minimises the return of plaque. Extractions can be assessed with dental X-rays first to ensure the tooth really does need to come out, or to see if root canal and a referral to the dental specialist might be more appropriate. Once you know, the choices get easier.

Cat and Dog Wards:

Cats and dogs are not always the best of friends, so your canine and feline friends have their own separate wards to help minimize stress, and the ICU cage is set up in the main treatment area of the clinic for patients needing critical care to ensure constant observation.

Back Yard:

You love your back yard, and your pet deserves a bit of space as well. A spacious back yard allows regular walks and to feel the breeze and sunshine. Puppy classes also use this area as it provides an enclosed comfortable and safe area for your puppy students.


Hospital Location:

Your pets hospital is in a nice easy accessible location at the Cashmere Village Shopping Center. With lots of spacious carparks, access is open and stress-free, and calmed by the tranquillity of the surrounding bushland.



Phone 07 3882 2288

Street Address:
Cashmere Village Shops
Cnr Kremzow Rd and Ira Buckby Rd,

Postal Address:
Warner Vet
12 / 1 Warra Lane

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